Frog legs in London

Initially, I wanted this blog to be exclusively dedicated to recipes but I’ve decided to start a new category of posts called « food entrepreneurs ». Surely because I’m a bit obsessed about food and certainly  because I want to learn from (and share about) those who are actually dedicating their time and effort to produce, transform, cook and share nice products.

This first post is about a surprising discovery which originate in London’s Urban Fest Food in Shoreditch. I’m French but never got to try frog legs. Well trust me, it’s really good! It is a bit strange because the taste is between chicken and fish. The legs are deep fried and nicely spiced. 

frog legs

Actually, it was cooked in « Cajun Country style » which I’m not sure is the same way we cook them in France. Cajuns trace their ancestral roots to French Canadian exiles who migrated to South Louisiana late in the 18th century. The fried frog legs is a typical dish from this region of Louisiana and are brought to the UK thanks to Geaux Cajun. This trader is based in Suffolk in West England and was inspired by cuisine of southern States of the US. I’ve not tried the other meals but there seems to be some interesting stuff: Jambalaya, a rice based dish (I thought this was Indonesian…), Po’Boy sandwich and crawfish meatballs….

Obviously, I’ve tried many other food as there was a rich variety of traders. Most of them have nice stories to read about so, when available, I put the link to their blog or webpages.

Peruvian Chicken Skewers from chef Harry A. Goicochea Perez

peru_streetfest2 peru_streetfest1.

Wood fired Welsh rarebit from The Tinderbox

welshrarebit_streetfest2 welshrarebit_streetfest1.

This is also a discovery for me as I had never heard of this dish. I found quite a nice recipe of this specialty on BBC website. Very light… 😀

Chaat counter

india_streetfest2 india_streetfest1.

The chaat is typical snack from Indian street food. The one I was served was made of crispy sev (which according to wikipedia are small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste and seasoned with turmeric and cayenne before being deep-fried in oil) , puffed rice, mungo beans, chickpeas,  fresh coriander, onion, a mix of spices and tamarind sauce (and probably other stuffs which I can’t remember). I think it’s called  bhel puri chaat. The owner of this joyful truck was very proud of his new red neon… 

Wood fired pizza from StreetZZA


I didn’t try the pizza but the truck (and the seller) are very nice 🙂


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