Parkholme Supper Club

This year I started volunteering for this amazing supper club near Dalston: it’s called Parkholme Supper Club (because it’s on Parkholme Road) and it is run by an amazing woman called Alicia. The nice thing about this supper club is that it is supporting MSF (Médecins Sans Frontière), so when you pay 45£ for your diner, 35£ go to MSF.  The diner is shared with 14 people and the food is from a different country each time (Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, France, Syria, Morocco, Georgia, Mexico…). They recently celebrated raising £50,000 for MSF which is quite an achievement! tableparkholme The history of the supper club is best described by Alicia herself ( and the motivation for it nicely summarised in these words: « When I close my eyes, all these sights, sounds, smells and tastes are still right there; they are a part of me.  I’ve gathered recipes from people’s kitchens all over the world and we recreate these delicious dishes here in multi-cultural Hackney, somewhere I feel totally at home. » I really love these Saturday afternoon in the kitchen with other food lovers. I had the pleasure to cook with a Palestinian woman sharing her opinion on the conflict with Israel and the secrets of her ancestors’ recipes or with a lady who happened to work in the same sector as me (and who knew the small company I was working for in Paris – and trust me, that was quite a surprise!). Last time, we prepared some Singaporean food and I mostly worked on the desserts:

  • Onde Onde: they are pandan flavoured glutinous rice balls stuffed with palm sugar syrup and rolled in freshly grated coconut

onde onde And when I say « freshly grated coconut », I seriously mean it!

cocograter3 cocograter1.


  • Kueh Dadar: pandan flavoured crepes stuffed with grated coconut and palm sugar. The crepes are made with coconut milk, pandan leaves and pandan essence and the filling is grated coconut cooked with a kind of molasses made from dark palm sugar (Gula Melaka).

greencrepes Alicia prepared Kuih Talam, a cake made with rice flour and topped with a layer of coconut milk… et voilà! greendeserts   All information on the Supper Club is available on the website: and Facebook page :


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