Coriander pesto

I eat coriander like I eat salad so I could have probably used at least half of this big bunch before it goes bad… but it was really huge and, although I  generally keep it in the fridge in a glass of water to make it last longer,  coriander isn’t a very resistant herb.

So I decided to go for the pesto. And it’s actually really good. I didn’t have pine nuts but had this big bag of peanuts waiting to be roasted…


So there you go:

  • Toast some peanuts under the grill (I have just used a handful of these for the pesto and kept the rest to make peanut butter)
  • Wash big bunch of fresh coriander leaves
  • Crush one garlic clove and grate some parmesan cheese
  • Mix the coriander, garlic, parmesan, peanuts and some olive oil (start with 2 tbsp and top up to get the desired thickness – mine was quite thick)
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • When cooking your pasta, keep 1 tbsp of cooking water aside. Cook the pasta al dente and put them back in the pan with some cooking water and the pesto
  • Stir for a couples of minutes and serve immediately




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